Find me here.

find me here. and I will hack up my own blood in scrambles of flogged portions, plated for your wolfish desire. my feet will lay on beds of needle spiked grass alone and detached in my congested rabbit's cage. And with each step you trudge towards me, coned-holes dig into my dehydrated soles Come to … Continue reading Find me here.


The 06th of November, 2016

Today feels absolutely beautiful, calming, and happy. I woke up to the Mickey Mouse March on my dated, Disney kid alarm 2 hours before I needed to…Yay~ We gained an hour at the expense of my beauty sleep. Hehe, thankfully, I was a grandma last night and went to sleep unusually early. I mean, I … Continue reading The 06th of November, 2016

(No Title)

The despair I feel is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. My words don’t speak. My senses blur into one clogged foggy sense of misunderstanding and judgement. My country has turned a blind eye to me and the existence of my people, the human mind. I fail to recognize reason but still see the ignorance, innocent … Continue reading (No Title)

Ode to Poetry

             A word                         Written                         Resonating                         Ambidextrous To feel another breath comfortably conform                         my lungs to take new shape a reborn sentient common-man zips up the suit of my              skin as I happily trade him my whole for a quarter of … Continue reading Ode to Poetry