The 06th of November, 2016

Today feels absolutely beautiful, calming, and happy. I woke up to the Mickey Mouse March on my dated, Disney kid alarm 2 hours before I needed to…Yay~ We gained an hour at the expense of my beauty sleep. Hehe, thankfully, I was a grandma last night and went to sleep unusually early. I mean, I … Continue reading The 06th of November, 2016



i met him by the river near the railway line. My breath hitched as i approached him              Overwhelmed by his sunshine smile,                                                            … Continue reading Intent

(No Title)

The despair I feel is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. My words don’t speak. My senses blur into one clogged foggy sense of misunderstanding and judgement. My country has turned a blind eye to me and the existence of my people, the human mind. I fail to recognize reason but still see the ignorance, innocent … Continue reading (No Title)

Ode to Poetry

             A word                         Written                         Resonating                         Ambidextrous To feel another breath comfortably conform                         my lungs to take new shape a reborn sentient common-man zips up the suit of my              skin as I happily trade him my whole for a quarter of … Continue reading Ode to Poetry