Ode to Poetry

             A word
To feel another breath comfortably conform
                        my lungs to take new shape
a reborn sentient common-man zips up the suit of my
skin as I happily trade him my whole for a quarter of his
Feet walk a path on a transparent road, guided by instinctual
street signs
                        Unwanted but needed
                        Conscience and unconscious, I will remember the way
without direction
                        Déjà vu of the most invasive breed
                        My soles, soft and calloused, hit warm and soothing
glass-embedded sand; the scars created bleed happily from
             then on
Following me close as a welcoming stalker, a close and devious
childhood friend
                        Creating for me and ideal awe in the flaws of a
ensitive psyche
            His and Hers, Theirs and Ours:
                        scattered in the jovial grins while mating with
demented thoughts.
                        The word continues
                                    and the branch of the poem tilts upwards still
And I climb shakily up its grainy life tree to reach the next
incredible sight, time and time again.

Ars Poetica

– -Jennifer Aria <*3

Originally Posted November 7, 2016



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