The 06th of November, 2016

Today feels absolutely beautiful, calming, and happy.

I woke up to the Mickey Mouse March on my dated, Disney kid alarm 2 hours before I needed to…Yay~ We gained an hour at the expense of my beauty sleep.

Hehe, thankfully, I was a grandma last night and went to sleep unusually early. I mean, I enjoy sleeping in general (like a normal human), but you miss so much when your eyes decide to stay closed for function-less hours on end. I suppose it’s not the eye’s fault though but rather the eye’s lid, as the eye continues to work but is blocked from colour and soundless feelings behind the dark curtain of my lazy eyelids.

Anyways, I got up two hours early, adding to the special feel of this day. And in vengeance to the wrongdoing my eyelids have done to me by forcing a lazy slumber, I decided to do sometime spectacular with for them.

Yes, the most painful and exhausting punishment…MAKEUP!

Muwaahahahaha!! Yes, now, eyelids, you will be subjected to sparkles, colour, and poppiness!! Deal with it!

I never have any idea what I am doing with my makeup until it is finished. Today seemed to be a simple day at first, a little bit of blush and chapsticked lips, but then–POW! The eyes of a lioness goddess betrothed for a single day and perfectly attached to my eyelids.

– : – : – : – : – :- : – : – : – : – : – : – : – : – : – – : – : – : – : – : – : –


– : – : – : – : – :- : – : – : – : – : – : – : – : – : – – : – : – : – : – : – : –

I must admit, I was quite amused and proud at my own face artistry…that is until I could see that you could see all of the stray sparkles littering my face from the $1 beauty supply eye-shadow palette. Oh well, you’ve gotta take the bad with the good right? If I get to have my sparkly and fun eyes, I think I can handle a bunch of unremovable, stray rhinestone sparkles.~

After the 30 minutes it took me to finish a face full of paint, I headed to work at the desk. Where I am currently!~

I’m pondering the happy pit in my stomach I get whenever I think of a recent life change I’ve made for myself. You see~, I entered undergrad as a self-determined pre-med student. Despite my unhappiness in the field… Now I am a junior and I have finally decided to choose happiness over security!~~

Which means I will most likely be struggling for the next couple of years of life, which I am undeniably happy about…You see my dilemma? This isn’t something one should be excited for. A life of hard work and struggle…Yep! That’s my ideal life right about now!

Part of me thinks that I feel this happiness because even though the road ahead is paved in glass and uneven gravel, I get to do what I love the whole way through…but another 50% of my being just attributes it to being absolutely insane…

EITHER WAY! I will continue to follow this feeling to whatever will keep happy, healthy, and alive (I guess).

That is my ramble for the day. I should do this more often. I feel extremely happy…well happier! Hehehe.

Have a wonderful day!

Until we next meet~

Sincerely w/ Tea Cakes and Happy Smiles,

– –Jennifer Aria <*3

“The thing is – fear can’t hurt you any more than a dream.”
– -Jack from “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding, 1954

Originally Posted November 06, 2016


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